Monday, October 08, 2007

Slightly Off Training!

Monday 6.15am - Gym
Fitball - This is another name for abs exercises using an exercise ball. It's painful and intensive but presumably it works! I found it so hard to make the early start this morning and felt tired all day at work, probably due to a very full-on weekend!

Early and Late Training - 4.30pm
I arrived at training at 4.30pm which enabled me to run a 7km warm-up with Ewen. It was great to hear all about his Melbourne half and Norma's marathon. They both did really well.

It was pleasant weather with some warmth still in the sun but unfortunately I felt a bit blah and had to stop a couple of times at nicely-placed toilets! In fact I was unsure if I would manage the main training session but I was really pleased to be able to complete the whole session, albeit with slow caution! We ran a warm-up loop of PH then our main set was 10-12 repeats of about 200m zigzag runs across the grass in front of PH. We divided into teams of two and ran it as a relay. I didn't push myself too hard as I still felt a bit dodgy but it was fun and I'm glad I lasted the distance. I even managed the cool-down loop to finish off. There was a great group there tonight. Rae was there for the first time for ages and Caroline was there too. In fact I think there were about 20 tonight and after the session a few of us stayed to drink a glass of champagne in honour of Ken's birthday yesterday.
Total distance (by Ewen's garmin as mine had a flat battery): 14km

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  1. Thanks for the run. You did well! After the second pit-stop at Rydges, I didn't think you'd make it back to PH. I'll forgive your slack sprinting in the relay ;)