Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trails rule!

Friday - Gym
RPM - Cycle class
This morning I forgot to take my trousers to the gym so considering a shirt and jacket would not be a good look on their own I detoured home after my RPM class to shower and dress there instead consequently missing out on breakfast - grrrr!

Saturday - Trail Run
Mr B and I ran from home to North Lyneham ridge where we ran a loop and a half of the hilly route there before running on and crossing the road to O'Connor Ridge where we ran the trails there - lots of steep hills and a bit of uneven surface with loose stones and rocks but gee, I enjoy trail running. It's so much more pleasant than running on hard concrete. However, it's also much slower struggling up those hills! There were a few interesting signs on the way, one warning us about swooping magpies so for a few kms we ran carrying sticks above our heads looking a bit like Olympic Torch bearers - nah, we didn't look a bit like that really but it did make me giggle thinking of the comparison!
Distance: 15.34km
Time taken: 1:36
Average pace per km: 6:15
Calories burned: 880

1 comment:

  1. Yes they do :-)

    I rode past a woman today with things poking out of her helmet. I guess they were to prevent magpie attacks. I think running alone carrying a stick would look much less silly than this woman did :-)