Monday, October 01, 2007

A Windy Labour Day in Canberra

Actually, it's been a windy weekend altogether - sunshine but nasty cold wind. We took the grandchildren to Floriade ( the annual spring flower festival in Canberra) today for a picnic and fun in the animal petting area and the children's parks. Out of the wind the sun was warm but I wouldn't have liked to be battling the wind in the Sri Chinmoy 10km race earlier. Instead of competing in that I chose to join Ewen at 4.30pm (or just after) and run an extra 7.3km before Ken took speedygeoff's training group for our session at Parliament House. Only five of us turned up tonight, probably due in part to the race in the morning and in part to the public holiday. We ran our warm up loop round PH and headed for the rose gardens where we ran 12 x 350m loops with 40secs fast and 80secs round to the start. Then we ran a warm down loop back to the carpark.

Total distance (including warm up before training): 15.3km
Calories burned: 950

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the run :) Much better than when Helen is along - she runs too fast (don't tell her though).

    Hope the new tyre didn't cost too much!