Monday, October 15, 2007

We have Babies!!

Yes, the magpie mummy in the tree outside my office window has produced two babies. Two of her four eggs hatched over the weekend and there was big excitement this morning with the staff crowding in to have a peep at the babies through some little binoculars. Now these babies are not exactly beautiful, in fact they look like tiny skinned rats with a bit of white hair sticking out. One is pink and one is grey. However, I am confident they will develop into beautiful teenagers. The other two eggs are unhatched - not sure if they will still hatch or whether mummy will give up on them. In the meantime she has been feeding her babies today with daddy's help and it's quite a nature lesson to watch them - a slight distraction from the normal work load!

Morning exercise - 6.15am - Gym
Fitball - lots of nasty abs

Afternoon - 4.30pm - Run - Parliament House
Distance: 16.3km
Calories: 960

I managed to leave work early again which was great as it was a lovely sunny day today and it meant I could run with Ewen and Helen who also turned up early. We ran nearly 8km in the warm up run down through Kingston. It was very thirsty weather and I felt quite dry. At 5.30pm we met up with the others and ran the warm-up 1.7km loop of PH before the main set where we divided into relay teams of two. I ran with Ewen as my partner and we ran the usual diagonal laps across the grass and back up the hill to tag the other person. Those uphills felt hard especially as we really tried to race the person closest to us. After the winners finished ten repeats of this the whistle blew and we ran a cool down loop of PH. Then Ewen and I ran the loop again to make the distance over 16km in total.
Tonight I am very tired!


  1. Don't they always grow into beautiful teenagers?

    Thanks for the run - even though the bit with Helen was too quick. I must test out your nasty abs with a CR punch in the guts next time I see you.

  2. Gee, I hope Ewen never speaks to me like that! I think I could give as good as I get though!

    Thanks for supporting comments after Melbourne, Strewth! Canberra next up.....has to be easier!