Monday, February 15, 2010

Canberra is greening up!

It rained and it rained nearly all weekend, the most rain Canberra has had since 1989. As a consequence the sprint marathon relay, due to be held yesterday morning, was cancelled. Later in the day the family came over and there was no opportunity to run.
This afternoon looked pretty bleak too and it was still raining when I drove towards Parliament House for the early training session. However, by 4.30pm at the start of the early warm-up the rain had stopped and the sun was streaming down. In fact it was quite warm as I set off with Ewen, Jen, Geoff and Yelena on our 8km warm-up.
The rest of the group (20 of us tonight) joined us at 5.30pm and after a warm-up lap of PH we headed for the rose garden to drop off our drink bottles and do a trial lap of our 400m undulating run. We divided into teams of three and ran a fast lap, tagging the next person in our team and then jogging a slow lap inbetween each fast one. My team members were Joel and Jen and it was jolly hard to keep ahead - not many rests in the 30minute fast session.
To finish off we gently ran another lap of PH and back to the start.
Total distance for evening: 17km (8km warm-up plus 9km main session)


  1. That was a fun session. Next time select slower teammates! Jen was running race-pace on the warm-up. Glad she wasn't in my team!

  2. Random teams are fun! Next time (a) you will draw slower runners and breath a sigh of relief, or (b) you will draw super fast obsessive racers again and know the fates are trying to tell you something!

  3. Jen running race pace in warm up, I believe that, a one person team. No time for gossip at that rate.