Monday, February 22, 2010

Sprint Marathon Relay - Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday Marg collected me at 6.45am and we headed for the start of the sprint marathon relay at Dunrossil Drive. "Marathon" is a misnomer really as the total distance is only 36km although I believe it was originally 42km when it was at a different venue. As the relay was postponed from last weekend due to inclement weather (that is constant rain all weekend) we only had six teams of six people in each but it was heaps of fun and Jimmy, the organiser, always does a fantastic job.

I felt a bit stiff and sore after yesterday but the 3km warm-up Marg and I ran at the start certainly helped. I was in a team with Bruce (super fast), Craig, Ewen, Neil and Margaret. I was Number 5 runner. Our first leg was 2km and each leg after that was 1km except for the last one which was 2km again where we ran over the finish line together.

Our team ran in 2:40:06 which wasn't too far behind the 5th team. It was all good fun.

My splits:
First 2km - 9:57 - average pace: 5:03
Third km - 5:02
Fourth km - 5:04
Fifth km - 5:10
Last 2km - 10:21 (average pace 5:25) - In the last km we had to wait for the last runner to catch up so that we could all run across the finish line together so this may have delayed the time a few seconds.
This made a total of 7km for the relay event.

However I also ran 1km to the start and a 3km warm up.
Total distance for day: 11km
Total distance for week: 82km
I need to pick up the kms now as it appears that the National Capital Marathon will definitely go ahead on 2 May and I do want to run in it without disgracing myself!


  1. Yes, we had fun! And look at all that green grass from last week's rain :)

    Good looking team - don't know why we didn't win!

  2. They cut it from 42k to 36k because 42k was too far to be holding hands the whole time.