Monday, February 01, 2010

A Different Session for our speedygeese tonight!

This morning I went to the gym to work on upper body strength and abs. Then off to speedygeoff's early running at 4.30pm for a 7km warm up with Ewen. Helen, speedycoach, Craig and Gary started just before us. It was hot and sunny.
We joined the rest of the group at 5.30pm (27 of us - quite a turn-out) and ran a warm-up loop before heading off to the flat grass near Questacon where Ewen (with my back-up) took the group through our Peter Magill drills. It made a great change and meant that we didn't miss out on our drills this week so it worked out really well. We ran three strides x 60m followed by 2 x 50-60m schoolyard skipping, high skips, skip kicks, flat foot marching, high knees, butt kicks and carioca (or grapevine) with 60m strides between each set. We then ran to the grassy Parliament House roof where we ran 8 x 10sec 'Brad Hudson' hill sprints with full recovery between each sprint.
Total distance: 14.5km


  1. I've read your 5:36 per km. average pace of your training the 31th of January. Congratulations for the increase of your speed.

  2. Yes, it was fun. And I don't feel guilty for missing them now. Thanks for having your notes handy!

  3. It was great, wasn't it? Great to see you again today Ruth!