Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the Company of Great Friends

6.15am - I started the day with strength and abs work at the gym
6.15pm - summer series #3 at North Curtin
In spite of having to ignore all the "perform a u-turn now" commands as I approached the new part of the parkway I managed to find my way to the start of the cross country run straight after work without any undue stress.
I ran a 3km warm-up with Heidi and was pleased to see CJ out there again gradually getting faster each week.
Tonight's run had a steady incline on a cycle path - up, up, up and then a great downhill run after the turnaround point off road. I felt good and so was a bit disappointed that I finished in over 26mins even though I was about 8secs faster than last week. CJ passed me at about the 1.5km mark finishing in 24:32 and Andy ran in 20:53 which was absolutely brilliant!
Total distance of race: 5km
Time taken: 26:11
Average pace per km: 5:14
Finishing place: 83rd (out of 111)
I didn't have time for a cool down as I had to dash home for a shower before a sub-committee meeting.
Total distance for evening: 8km

Wiggles Wednesday
I met up with Jen, Andy, Chris, Richard and Ewen for a shorter version of our usual Wednesday run from Parliament House. Tonight we ran the west basin loop out around the museum. It made for a pleasant change on a warm evening. Before we left PH we rang and ordered pizzas to be ready to be picked up from Kingston after we finished.
Total distance: 9.5km
Time taken: 58:18
Average pace per km: 6:08
Calories burned: 557
Later we had a fantastic evening at Richard's apartment enjoying our pizzas. We had lots of fun and lots of good laughs and it was definitely one of those nights that make us know that running friends are great company and good fun!