Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday Wiggles and Overdue Update!

On Wednesday we all turned up in a mix of coloured t-shirts and reminded ourselves so much of The Wiggles that Ewen took a couple of photos just beside Parliament House at the end of our run. But I digress - another week has flown by and lack of blogging has happened once again so a brief overview is once more in order.
Thursday 4 Feb - Track
3000m - 15:18 - handicapped according to age group
Average pace: 5:06 per km - slightly slower than last week and still not below the 15mins! No excuse either as it was the first event of the night.
1500m walk - 10:14
Average pace: 6:53 (fun!)
5 lap spiral (2km) - 10.18
Bronwyn pipped me at the post in a speedy finish and although I still lead in the points score it is by the very narrowest margin - looks like I'll have to find my speedy wings!
Total distance: 8.2km (including warm up and cool down)
Saturday 6 February
6.30am - Molonglo Reach run
We started a little earlier this morning as Mr B and I drove off to Sydney for a couple of days. We went to see the show Wicked and it was brilliant - just loved it.
It was a humid morning and Jen, Andy, Ewen and I ran past Campbell Park and round the Mt Ainslie track down past the War Memorial and over Commonwealth Ave Bridge on through the wetlands and back to Molonglo Reach. It was very hot and the pace was fairly slow. Chris ran with us for about 20minutes before returning to meet the 7am starters. Michelle caught us in the last few kms and ran a couple of extra kms with me out towards the airport at a good pace.
Total distance: 25.16km
Time taken: 2:41:55
Average pace per km: 6:26
Total distance for week: 73km
Monday 8 February
Early warm up run at 4.30pm with speedygeese - 7.9km
Main session at 5.30pm
We had a total of 29 speedygeese at the session tonight which was a great turn out. After the warm up I was selected to name all the participants, some of whom were new starters. I was really excited when I managed to name everyone correctly. Yay!
This was our last hill session for this season. We ran 20 hill sprints but the last 8 were attrition sprints and the last few people to the top just ran half way for these 8. It was tough, it was hot but it was fun and Ewen busily took photos of us for future reference!
Total distance for night: 15.04km
Tuesday 9 February
6.15am - gym - upper body strength
6.15pm - Cross country summer series race 2 at Boathouse
I arrived a bit late for a good warm-up and that does make a difference. I was a bit slower than last week on the same course which was disappointing.
Total distance: 5km
Time taken: 26:18
Average pace per km: 5:15
Calories burned: 290
Finish place: 97th (out of 136 finishers)
Total distance (including warm up and warm down) - 8km
Wednesday 10 February
6.15am - RPM class at gym
7am - Abs class at gym
5.45pm - Run with speedygeese Wednesday group from Parliament House
Jen, Ewen, Andy, Chris and I took off for our run to the lake and through the wetlands, Kingston etc and back to PH. Just past the wetlands Richard joined us - he had been held up in a meeting but it was fun to see that he was wearing a red t-shirt. As Jen was in a green t-shirt, Andy in bright yellow and Chris and I in blue we had a strange resemblance to the Wiggles. Once we arrived back at PH Ewen produced his camera and did a photo shoot - lots of fun!
Total distance: 12.22km
Time taken: 1:17:50
Average pace per km: 6:22
Thursday 11 February
After some consideration I decided against running the 10,000m at track due to a very unsettled tummy - a bit disappointing as I would have been the only entrant in my age group! Instead I entered the 2000m handicap of the walking race and lap scored for Ewen who won a silver medal - very exciting. I also went for a 4km run outside with Nadine between events.
2000m fitness walk
Time taken: 13:29
Average pace per km: 6:45
Total distance for night: 6km
Saturday 13 February
7am - Run from Molonglo Reach
I met up with Jen, Ewen, Andy, Steve and Michael for a run going the same way as last week. The only difference was that there was a gentle drizzle and the temperature had dropped considerably. It was in fact quite pleasant running this morning, rather different to the high humidity we have had recently. It was great to have Steve and Michael run with us for a change. Cathy and Graeme started with us but they were running in a different direction so left us at the base of Mt Ainslie. We spotted lots of kangaroos out on the trails - I wish I could run at their pace! At the 23km mark I ran an extra couple of kms out towards the Boathouse to make the same distance as last week.
Total distance: 25km
Time taken: 2:40:47
Average pace per km: 6:25
Calories burned: 1449
After the run Jen, Ewen, Andy and I went for brunch at Delissio Brasserie in Braddon. We left after THREE hours to be met with constant heavy rain for the rest of the afternoon. Here's hoping it will clear enough in the morning to be able to go ahead with the sprint marathon relay. It was a good day.


  1. Three hours for lunch, how many courses & how much coffee ? Obviously had plenty to chat about. The mountain goats ran Stromlo Stomp, did the sprint marathon get underway ? Conditions very wet with visibilty about 30 metres on top of Mt Stromlo. Anyway, we had fun, did you ?
    BTW, enjoy Valentine's Day.

  2. Great update Strewth. Good to see both some quality training and some quality coffee sessions happening. Now I definitely want to join your speedy group!

  3. Quality runners need quality coffee sessions! That was a good one... and we didn't need to wash the dishes to pay the bill!

  4. Great photos! Reading that long update makes me tired; do you ever stop!

    Fogot the jelly beans on Sunday's long run & thought of you at the same time!