Friday, September 23, 2011

Mixing it up a bit!

Tuesday group
I had a lunch date in town at 12noon today so couldn't stay around after our Tuesday group run but I did manage to squeeze in one cup of tea and a short catch up with Rae. The run this week was from the peninsula to the trails of Black Mountain and over the hills. I was very conscious of the fact that last time I ran this route I fell flat on my face so I ran with caution on the rough surface. We spotted numerous kangaroos who were very "close and personal" and it was a pretty run and although a bit cool to start it certainly warmed up quickly on all those undulations! I ran with Brian and Marilyn and a few other caught up and joined us for the last few kms. I do love the trails but I run them slowly as I watch every step.
Total distance: 11km

Wednesday - BBQ Stakes
7am - abs class
7.15am - rower, cross trainer, leg press, chest press, upper body work, stretches, push ups
9.30am - Body Balance - stand-in instructor who took us through a very pilates based class - lots of abs work
I managed a total of 100 push ups on my toes today with rests and a break in the middle for the Body Balance class - 30, 20, (Body Balance) 30, 10, 10. My goal is to do 50 push ups on toes without stopping twice a day so that I can do 100 push ups every day. Hmmmm, it could be a while before I achieve this!

Next I drove to Woden to run the BBQ stakes. My handicap remained at 5.30 and Andy and Jen started with me as neither of them wanted to run fast. However at about 4km I urged them to run ahead. I ran faster than last week but didn't manage a PB. I was about 25secs slower than that.
Total distance: 6km
Time taken: 35:55
I collected my grandaughter from school and had the great pleasure of taking her to her school concert performance and consequently couldn't attend speedygeese training tonight. Instead I took Teddy out for a run during the morning. He was great for the first half of the run but was feeling the heat in the last few kms and we had to keep detouring to the drains so that he could have a drink and run through the water. He does love a good run though and is great company.
Total distance: 10.2km

This morning I went to the gym for another workout. I only did 30 x 2 push ups on my toes today. I did a warm up on the rowing machine then worked on shoulders, triceps and abs. Later in the morning I spent 3 hours pounding the pavements collecting Avon orders. It's surprisingly tiring but the sun was streaming down and although it was very windy at times, it was very pleasant out there.

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  1. You missed a good coffee this morning, but I don't think we'll see Nick there again - said his cake was stale. We decided CJ needs to post a photo on FB of her new hairdo if we're unlikely to see her at handicaps anytime soon.