Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woden on a Wet Wednesday

Body Balance was the first exercise on the menu on a cloudy Wednesday. When I emerged from the gym it was absolutely pouring down and I decided against driving to Woden to run. However, after a hot shower I looked out the window and the rain had stopped. My conscience got the better of me and I donned my running gear and headed off for the BBQ Stakes handicap. When I first arrived about 2 minutes before start time there were very few people there but gradually more people arrived. The rain very obligingly stopped for the run but the hills were muddy, slippery and slushy. My shoes collected heaps of mud and my feet felt like heavy lumps of lead. I'm sure they weighed a few extra kilos and dragged me down! Andy ran with me as he didn't want to set a PB and it was great to have company although of course that meant we did talk for the majority of the run. As a consequence my time was slower than last week although the climate was nice and cool for a tough hilly run.
Total distance: 6km plus warm-up
Time taken:37:26
Handicap: 5:30 (group 23)
Place: 34th (not sure how many starters today as they kept arriving late)

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