Monday, September 19, 2011

One Day .......

This morning I had a short session at the gym with a couple of appointments to squeeze in straight afterwards. I concentrated on upper body strength after a warm up on the cross trainer. 3 x 12 sets of each -Squats with a 15kg barbell, tricep dips with one leg elevated, walking lunges with 8kg weight in each hand, shoulder press, biceps curls and chest press with 17.5kg barbell.
In the afternoon I spent over 2.5 hours walking round the streets delivering Avon books. Yes, I have become an Avon lady - yet more exercise. One day I might even get fit!! It was a stunner of a day - the sun streamed down and it felt wonderful out there.
Off to the speedygeese at 5.30pm. One day I will make the 4.30pm early group - one day!
We ran the warm up loops of Parliament House then headed for the lower grassy square in front of PH where we were divided into relay teams of 3 based on height! I was in a team with Yelena and Caroline and Rebecca (first session tonight) ran with me. The main session was: 
sprint diagonal downhill & uphill alongside flag poles, jog backwards & forwards across short side x 2...repeat for 30mins. 
We finished with a warm down jog down to the lake and back to PH. It was a beautiful balmy evening, perfect running weather.
Total distance: 8.7km


  1. Craig set a cracking pace in the early run today. But I am sure a MOTIVATED Strewth could keep up, then retire to holding the stopwatch at the main session.

  2. If you want to run with the 4.30 group you need to start 5 minutes before them. I'm starting 2 minutes before them next week!

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  4. We should catch you after 500m then Ewen. Or 1k if you run hard. (Third time lucky me getting this comment in the right place!)

  5. Must say, I was very relieved that Jen kept the pace slower than 6 minute kilometres this evening.