Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Spring Sunshine and Showers!

Thursday last week
Speedygeese session at Dickson oval and I was hurting. My hip/back gave me heaps of pain after the warm up and during the 200m sprints. We were divided into teams of three for a relay and I was with Marg (great to see her back running with us)and Miranda. The goal was to run 12 x 200m fast, tag the next team member and run a recovery jog back for approx 100m while waiting to be tagged. I was in pain for the entire session and even found the warm down tough work. I went to bed with two heat packs and lots of panadol.
Total distance: 8km

Friday - I didn't run and avoided the gym. I did lots of stretching and took the dog for a walk trying to ease out the soreness - more drugs:(

Saturday - YCRC 10 miler
I was determined to run this so rubbed in the deep heat, took a couple of tablets and registered for the run from Black Mtn Peninsula. I probably shouldn't have run feeling like I did but I hate missing opportunities to run relatively long distances with other people. It was freezing cold to start and I kept my gloves on for most of the way although I did still run in singlet and shorts and certainly warmed up eventually. Jen was kind enough to run beside me and I kept the metro runners in sight. In hindsight I should have stayed with them although it would have only given me a few more seconds. I was definitely not in form and had to be careful every step of the way.
Distance: 10 miles (16km)
Time taken: 1hr 39:40 (a PW by about 7 minutes!!)
Average pace per km: 6:11
Finish place: 69 (out of 78)
Here's hoping I can well and truly improve on this abysmal effort next year!

I woke up still sore, definitely pinpointing the lower back and left hamstring so I avoided the gym and decided to stretch out by taking Teddy for a very long walk. I organised to meet Marg and her little dog (also Teddy) on the way. We walked towards Gungahlin and covered a distance of 11.2km, managing to walk 1.5km of it with Marg's company which was fun. Teddy loved it!
speedygeese session at Parliament House
I ran the warm up loops and we headed for the hills. I was a bit uneasy about running the hill repeats so although I ran all the repeats but for most of them I only ran 2/3rds of the way up the hill as I didn't want to make the pain worse. I also ran gently. After 12 repeats of 100m hills on 90secs we ran some attrition sprints up the top half of the hill. Three of us girls were eliminated in the first sprint but were given the opportunity to run one more sprint at the end. I was still last but it was much closer that time. We ran a warm down loop of PH and I didn't appear to have any ill effects.
Total distance: 6km (a shorter session than usual)

Tuesday group at Black Mountain peninsula
This morning the running route was from the peninsula to the Cork Oaks Plantation and the arboretum and back. There is a very steep hill on the way and it is mainly offroad - a good surface. We ran past curiously lazy cows who just stood and stared at us on the way out but on the way back (love those downhills) they didn't even bother to stand up as we passed them. It had rained heavily earlier and the ground was wet but we were so lucky as the conditions were ideal, if a little cool to start, when we were running. I kept Bryan and Alan in sight and when Alan took a slight shortcut ran the remainder with Bryan. I always enjoy listening to his stories. Marilyn joined us on the return leg. I felt so much better today than I have these past few days.
Total distance: 12km
The rain decided to return when I took Teddy for his walk later in the day and we returned home looking like a couple of drowned rats!!

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