Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday group at Black Mountain Peninsula

This morning I joined the Tuesday group to run from the peninsula out to Scrivener Dam near the arboretum, over trails and mainly off-road. It was an interesting run through fences and muddy puddles. I ran with Marilyn today and we lost sight of Bryan and Alan on the way out so we were pretty relieved when we spotted them on the return loop and knew we had gone the right way. My legs were definitely leaden after last night's speedygeese hills session. Later we celebrated Terry and John's birthdays on a lovely sunny day.
Total distance: 10.3km
In the afternoon after pounding the pavements collecting Avon orders, I took Teddy for an 8km walk stopping half way to have coffee with a friend and a big bowl of water for Teddy!


  1. I am so looking forward to my first encounter with a little old white haired lady running past shrilling "Avon Crawling"!

  2. That's fine. Just don't call her "ding dong" or "sprightly"!