Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things that go BANG in the night!

Thursday 8 Sept - speedygeese training at Dickson oval 
There were 15 at the speedygeese session tonight and after our warm up loops we were divided into relay teams of 3 or 4. I was in a team of 3 with Miranda and Colin. I don't think I've ever run harder in a speedygeese session. Colin is probably our speediest goose and it meant there was not much rest between sprints. We alternated between 300m and 200m sprints with 100m slow between. We fnished with a slow lap of the oval.  
Total distance: 8km 

Friday - a rest from running but I did go to the gym for some upper body strength work. 

Ewen and I ran a gentle off road run to stretch our legs on the Mt Ainslie trails. We ran out for 3.5km then turned and ran back the way we came out.
Total distance: 7km (slowly)

Sunday 11 Sept- Canberra Times Fun Run
The weather was almost perfect (just a little wind in the last few kms) for the annual fun run. My legs felt a bit heavy at the start and I took off a little fast which made it difficult to keep up the pace.I think Canberra has a bit to learn with fun runs. There were not many spectators out there cheering and no bands or music like the City2Surf. I usually wear my ipod and don't notice but this year I ran without music and it did seem remarkably quiet! However, it's always fun afterwards when we catch up with lots of friends and compare results. In spite of the ideal conditions I still managed to run about 40secs slower than last year. In fact each year I seem to have run a little slower than the year before. Next year I should try training for this event or push myself a little more perhaps! 
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 57:01

Monday - speedygeese at Parliament House
In the morning I did an upper body strength workout and later it was off to the speedygeese session. It was a stunning evening as we ran on the grassy diagonals in front of PH tonight. There was a full moon glowing and old and new Parliament Houses were aglow. The evening was still and quite balmy for this time of year. We ran in relay teams of three fast up and down on the diagonals and slow on the staights. Our team ran more gently as we were all suffering from annoying niggles and didn't want to make them worse. We finished wth a warm down loop. 
Total distance: 8km 
Tuesday run 
This morning we followed the edge of the lake past the National Museum to the globe just past Commonwealth Ave bridge where we literally "ran around the world" before returning the way we came. I ran out with Steve for company giving us a chance to have a catch up chat and on my return I ran with Alan who usually runs with Bryan who wasn't there today. It was a good social run but although the sun was shining the wind was a bit nasty, a head wind even after we ran round the world! 
Total distance: 11.5km 

Wednesday - no PB's today:(
First thing this morning I headed for the gym for an upper body strength session followed by a Body Balance class.Then later it was off to Woden for the BBQ Stakes 6km handicap. My hamstring has been playing up all week and today was no exception. Jen was recovering from the flu so was happy to run at my pace. When the headwind blew it felt like even more hills than there actually were. I found the run very tough today and as a consequence my time was nearly 2 mins slower than last week which was disappointing. 
Distance: 6km 
Time taken: 37:29 - my third slowest time:(

Thursday - training at Yarralumla 
Speedygeese training on Thursday evening was at the Yarralumla Dog Park as Dickson Oval is closed for a couple of weeks. We ran a warm up jog and then did a hill power run before heading for a lovely green, spongy oval.There was nobody else around so we had the oval to ourselves. Although it wasn't lit there was enough light shining from nearby houses to make it possible to train there for the entire half hour of one lap intervals with a lap jog's recovery, run as a relay in teams of three. I was in a team with Bronwyn and Colin - oh the pressure! Colin suffered an injury and had to pull out on about the third sprint and speedycoach took his place for the other three fast efforts. It was dark by the time we finished so we just ran back along the road to the dog park to collect our cars. It was great to try a different place to train on such a lovely surface.There were ten of us for the main session although Tori and Nadine left after the warm up after they had done an early run with speedygeoff. 
Total distance: 8km 

Last night was rather eventful. Mr B was in Rockhampton playing squash all week so I was on my own. At 2am I was woken by a huge banging followed by two more. I had been in a deep sleep and was a bit confused, thinking "is that a noisy possum on the roof?" or is it gun practice somewhere?? Strange how the mind works. I eventually went back to sleep only to be woken again at 3.20am by a text beeping on my mobile from emergency services saying there had been a chemical incident in Mitchell and we were to stay indoors. The actual message read like this: "The ACT Fire Brigade responding to chemical 'insadent' in Mitchell. 'Resadents' of Franklin, Crace, Harrison, Watson, Downer, Kaleen, Lyneham, Hackett stay indoors." I think someone overlooked the spell check!! I then lay awake for ages before crawling out of bed, checking the radio for approval to go out and heading off to the gym to work on chest, triceps, shoulders, abs and stretches.
Later in the afternoon I took Teddy for a lovely walk along the North Lyneham ridge on a stunning evening. The view was glorious and the evening calm and beautiful. 

At 8.55am Ewen and I ran from the War Memorial along the Ainslie track, through the bush to Campbell Pk, Duntroon, the Wetlands and back over Commonwealth Bridge along Anzac Pde and back to the War Memorial. We stopped on the trails to stare at what looked like a frill-necked lizard. It was so cute basking in the sun but a bit vulnerable so Ewen touched its tail so that it ran off under the safety of a tree. Later we enjoyed coffee and lunch at The Terrace Cafe at the War Memorial. 
Total distance: 16km
Tme taken: 1:46:18 
Average pace per km: 6.39 

Sunday 18 Sept 
This afternoon during what was probably the hottest part of the day when it was about 24deg I took Teddy for a run along the cycle track to the tunnel heading towards Gungahlin and home again. We had to stop 3 times for loo stops for Teddy (he's worse than his owner) and 3 times for him to drink from the drains but apart from that and three dogs to meet, he was pretty good and we had a pleasant run and definitely felt the difference in temperature! Total distance: 8km

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