Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Classic Mothers' Day

Mr B and I both ran the 10km run in the Mothers' Day Classic this morning. CJ, Marg and I had entered as part of Team MamaMoves and were given a pretty pink t-shirt to wear in the event. I have never run in this event before and couldn't believe the huge turnout. 
It was a really foggy day and there was an eerie mist covering the lake as we lined up for the start. Us girls started in the middle of the pack which is something we would not do again. It was indeed a mistake as we were barely shuffling for a few kilometres. In fact because of the fog we were instructed to stay on the overbridge over Kings Avenue. This bridge is very narrow and squeezing over a thousand people into a narrow space is not an easy ask. There was definitely no way we could move in anything more than a jog for quite some time.
However, in spite of a very slow start it was fun and a great event bringing out so many people to run for their mums or people who had been touched by breast cancer in some way. There were three events - a 10km run, 5km run and a 5km walk so lots of volunteers were out there helping on the course.
Mr B ran a PB of 45mins 27secs and came first in his age group - a fantastic result.  He had the commonsense to start nearer the front and didn't have the problem with congestion over the bridge.
After we had finished we managed to watch Lucky Legs run along the finish line of he 5km run. She never fails to impress me with her determination and endurance at 83 plus. Unfortunately we couldn't stay talking for long as it was time to rush home for a shower and drive to Bungendore to meet our son and family for a delicious Mothers' Day brunch at the woodworks. Later we walked round looking at all the shops. It was such fun.
Veggie Benne (poached eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and benedict sauce - yummo)
I was very spoilt for mothers' day. My children know their mum well! Flowers, a running singlet, gorgeous cards, delicious food and itunes vouchers. I am indeed truly blessed.
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 59:46
Overall place: 782 (1322 finishers)
Place in age group: 7th female (22 finishers)
Later I took Teddy for a lovely walk while Mr B cooked dinner and my youngest daughter chatted to me on Skype!

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