Monday, May 06, 2013

Hill Repeats at Parliament House

Today was a good day. I started it with a swim at CISAC. Now I haven't swum in the pool for months and was surprised that I managed to swim 1km comfortably albeit slowly but "slow" is my middle name so not a problem. I will improve with practice!
Later after a great walk with Teddy in the sunshine it was time to head for the speedygeese session at Parliament House. It was a good turnout with more girls than boys for once. We ran a warm up loop around the trails by Parliament House before heading for one of the grassy hills. Uh oh, we all knew what that meant. Sure enough the main session was hill repeats - 20 of them in fact on 90secs. It was tough but I managed to run every one. It was good that Marilyn, Kerrie, Yelena and Rae were there as well as all the regulars. That's what makes these sessions fun - all the lovely people who go.
Total distance: 8km


  1. Bugger. Just when there's more girls than boys I can't run.

  2. Swimming helps your running shape!

    Best wishes to the wonderful couple mentioned in your previous post!