Monday, May 13, 2013

We frightened off the rain!

I am now into week 4 of my 'plank a day' program and this morning's plank was 1min 45secs. This morning I went for a swim at the local pool and managed 1km very slightly faster than last week. Then I enjoyed a relaxing spa and "enjoy" is definitely the word as, while in that soothing water, I was suddently invaded by ten very healthy, fit young men (footy players would be my guess) who had been instructed by their coach to have a spa. There was no way I was emerging from that water while they were there and certainly no way I was going to walk up the steps in front of them to get out of the spa so I waited until their coach told them they had to leave before I emerged. Phew - enough excitement for one morning! It required a quick coffee after my shower so that I could continue my day.

Today it rained. Lately this is an unusual sight in Canberra and as a consequence the garden is very dry and will benefit hugely from the lovely downpour. I did manage to give Teddy his walk when it eased off at one stage. However, as I drove to the Speedygeese session at Parliament House it began to rain quite heavily and I was worried we might be running in the underground carpark. There were only eight of us brave souls including our speedychief. In fact we had equal numbers of male and females. We decided to risk a warm up loop wrapped up in appropriate rainwear and see if it was possible to do our session outside. As we approached Parliament House after one loop the rain had eased and by the time we headed out for our next loop it had stopped completely. Fantastic! We had scared the rain away just in time for the main part of our session. SG led us to the hill in front of PH and here we had to run 20 x 100m hill repeats on 90seconds. It was tough of course and our shoes were soggy but I'm sure these hills are doing me some good!!
We ran a cool down loop back to our cars and the rain continued to hold off. How lucky!
Total distance: 8km

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  1. They'll do you good if you don't pull a hammy like poor CJ did today.