Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Speedygeese at Dickson Oval with lots of buddies

It was lovely to find so many running buddies at Dickson Oval for our speedygeese session last night. There was Maria (who had run the early long run and was just about to leave when I arrived), Kelley, Kym, Margaret, Miranda and CJ all there to run the session which made it extra good especially as we outnumbered the boys! We ran a long and short warm up loop of the oval before running a timed 2 laps in the 4th lane making a total of 850m for each loop. We then ran 6 x 850m off our handicap, jogging inbetween and starting every 6 minutes. It was a good session and the lungs certainly got a work out!
We finished with a cool down jog of the large oval.
Total distance: 8km
Today (Wednesday) I am up to 3 x 90secs for my planks. I did them before heading for work this morning. When I arrived home from work the sun was still shining and I took Teddy for a run on the trails of North Lyneham ridge. He loves it there as it's dusty, undulating and he can run off lead. My legs felt a bit heavy after last night's session but I managed to run through it at a slow pace.
Total distance: 6km hilly

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