Thursday, May 16, 2013

Autumn is turning into Winter!

Brrrr - it's not getting any warmer in Canberra now. The pretty Autumn leaves are falling rapidly from the trees and the quicker we sweep them up the quicker they fall. It's a question of crunching through the leaves and remembering to remove shoes at the door. And it's so cold. The sun shines less brightly and we are lucky to have much warmth in it. We have had some rain and bitterly cold wind and cloudy overcast skies. It's not nearly as conducive to running in the cold evenings. Even taking Teddy for his daily walks requires a thick jacket and gloves. I haven't located my woolly beanie yet but that will be next.
I managed 4 x 1min 45seconds for my daily plank this morning. Next week I increase to 2minutes. It's definitely becoming harder!
Our speedygeese session was at Kaleen Oval tonight. Marg drove to my house and ran with me to the oval. Sadly CJ really hurt her hamstring on Tuesday evening and won't be running for some time. The girls well and truly outnunbered the boys tonight. There was Janene, Kelley, Miranda, Maria (who turned up a little late and ran long timed sprints), Margaret, Me, Susan, Rod and speedygeoff braving the cold.
We ran 1200m loops and some shortcuts crossing the ovals in the middle. Marg and I basically took it easy. She had already run 11km today and I was more interested in the distance than the speed. It was good to have company or I would have struggled at the idea of braving the cold weather!
Total distance: 8km


  1. Good on you for getting it out and doing it. It looked so chilly out there yesterday.

  2. No Liz again Ewen as work conspired and prevented me from getting there :( That's two weeks in a row that I've been dressed in my running gear and ready to "go" and something has come up at the last minute :( I'm away next Tues and so I've given SpeedyGeoff advance notice that I won't be at the Dicko oval session that day. But .... wait for it... for Tuesdays after that ... I am hopeful :) Perhaps my timing will fit with yours and we can start together @ the Dicko oval sessions - yes??