Thursday, May 09, 2013

A New Session with the speedygeese at Kaleen Oval

I started the day with 4 planks of 90seconds each. Then off to work until 2pm and on the way home I detoured to deliver Avon. Later I changed into running gear for our next speedygeese training session. This time we trained at Kaleen Oval which is only 800m from my house. Marg parked her car at my place and we ran to meet the others at the oval. It was great to see Yelena, Susan and Janene there. The best part of our SG sessions is all the lovely people who train.
The oval was well lit and there were just a few young soccer players practising in the middle of the field. We ran round the perimeter of the oval a couple of times and then our main set was doing just that. It was a distance of 1200m and we ran firstly in an anti-clockwise direction with a short cool down before running in a clockwise direction, another short cool down and then ran back in the other direction. The 1200m were the fast ones (or faster at least). Then we ran a few 100m strides before our cool down 1200m loop. Then we had a pleasant chat and some stretches before everyone went home in their various directions. Marg and I ran home rounding up the distance for the run.
Total distance: 9km


  1. It must be great to have Speedygeese training within running distance of home. I'll forgive you if you don't turn up when Geoff switches it to Calwell.

    1. Nah our coach won't do that. It's too far for him to go. We're safe on the sunny side:)