Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Bit of a Challenge

Marathon Photo courtesy of John Kennedy

Distance: 15km

Time taken: 1:28:45

Average pace per km: 5:55

Calories burned: 905

Today I ran my first run since the marathon. For the past three days I have been in Melbourne at a conference so missed Thursday at the oval with speedygeoff's group. I had intended that to be my first run. However this morning I made a lazy start at 9.15am and took off with Mr B. I'll rephrase that. Mr B took off and I trudged behind him with my little ipod shuffle trying to keep me moving. It was a stunning Autumn day - beautifully sunny with no wind but not too hot. However I was doing it tough. I ran in my new Brooks Adrenaline off-road shoes for the first time and it took about 7km before I suddenly realised they were light and comfortable. Initially I kept tripping over my right foot and they did take a bit of getting used to.

It was a slow run and I'm glad I opted not to run the Cotter this morning. I would have really struggled. However, next week I'll be back there giving it another go. There's only four weeks until the Canberra Half Marathon. After that I will focus on Italy!!


  1. The Canberra Half marathon is only three weeks away, Strewth, not 4. To convert that to days, you multiply by 7: 3 x 7 = 21; only 21 days. Good thing you have started running again!

  2. Hello Ruth

    Great to hear you're okay and back running. Might see you at the Canberra Half - am still undecided about what to do next! Went for a 12km run today and it's nice to be back.


  3. Off-road shoes? Don't wear them out too much before March 8, 2008.

    See you Monday for an easy run :)