Saturday, April 28, 2007

Running between the raindrops!

This morning I rolled over at 6am, listened to the steady fall of rain, stuck my pillow over my head and went back to sleep! Yes, I wussed out on going to the Cotter and snuggled down in bed instead. It was sooooo good to sleep in and then to lie there listening to the rain. I ate a banana at 8am and at 11.30am Mr B and I started off on our run.

We ran down to Lake Ginninderra more or less together then took off in opposite directions running round the lake. The light rain soon stopped and it was pleasantly cool but not cold. I wore a long sleeved running top but took it off and wrapped it round my waist over the last 6km. I tried to keep up a reasonable pace but had to be a bit cautious running on the slippery Autumn leaves as I wanted to avoid "doing a CJ". The colours of the trees by the lake were stunning. It really is a very beautiful time of year in Canberra and the grass is already turning a wonderful green after 20ml of gentle rain overnight. As I ran up the little hill heading past Giralang I was very pleasantly surprised when Marg appeared beside me and we ran together for a few km before I turned towards the home stretch. She had run to Page to visit her parents and was now running back to her home (a 20km round trip). She too is running the Half in a couple of weeks. It was a good run but I have been feeling tired, hungry and thirsty for the rest of the day.

Distance: 20.17km
Time taken: 1:57:26
Average pace per km: 5:49 (not quite fast enough but better than the last run)
Calories burned: 1167
Fastest km: 5:19


  1. You could have run even slower at the Cotter - 6:25/km!

    Glad you didn't do a CJ. Speaking of which, didn't her daughter give Thomas an earful on BB the other day?

  2. Ewen. TJ is no CJ offspring. She's 4 foot nothing tall and Thomas is 7 foot 10. I wouldn't think TJ could catch CJ's cold.

  3. now i need to run in a precarious situation so i can blog about "not doing a CJ."

    hurray for sleeping in. rainy mornings are for hunkering down.