Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Half a Century Ewen!

And so today Ewen turns 50 - hope you're enjoying your day Ewen - very pleased to read you had a rest from running! I've been thinking of you and hope you make the most of the top of the hill! Cheers!!

Yesterday, Anzac Day, Mr B and I met up with Jill at Lake BG and ran the 16km loop relatively slowly but it was very pleasant company and the Autumn colours were just stunning. However, I really noticed those hills.

Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1:35
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 962

I have now entered the Canberra Half Marathon and as it loops around the lake like yesterday's run I'm a tad worried as I did struggle on those hills yesterday. My left hamstring is not liking this much. This afternoon after work I managed to go to speedygeoff's training at Dickson oval. I was about 5 mins late and the group were already well into their warm-up loop so I joined them in the finishing stages and ran the second warm-up loop.

The main set was 3 x 1km laps made up as follows:
200m strides
100m float
400m fast
200m strides
100m fast

or something like that!

Inbetween each set we had a 600m float. After this we ran another warm down loop of the oval.
Total distance - 7.6km (for me, as I missed most of the first warm-up loop)
Calories burned: 462


  1. Up late blogging means that you can watch BB. If I miss a day, I get it taped and watch it in the morning with breakie. Gets the brain off to a brilliant start!!

  2. had a dream about you, cj, and ewen at some restaurant. all i remember is that the table was long and rectangular and you and cj had the biggest glasses of wine i have ever seen.

    doesn't relate much to your post, but i just had the dream. it's all i can think of. maybe this means you'll be nice and loose for the half.

  3. Thanks Strewth :) That sounds sooooo much older than fifty!

    And I would have had a beer ihatetoast?

    See you in the morning at the Cotter. By the way, I heard that TJ from BB is CJ's daughter.

  4. Ewen thinks 50 is old!! I keep telling him the best years are still to come...age category records etc!

    Good luck with the Canberra Half marathon. SMH Half is my next one, May 20th. A long time since I've done this distance...mmmm!

  5. Era soltanto pioggia. Non siete impermeabili?

  6. Ewen, ancora ho fatto funzionare 20km - ED ho evitato la pioggia! Quasi gli ho trasmesso un testo per vedere se steste andando. Se avessi saputo eravate là io avreste runl voi avete ottenuto molto bagnati? Speranza avete stasera un pranzo grande!

  7. My Italian is a bit rusty. Your phone wasn't working? Yes, I needed a bath after running in the mud. I had a lovely meal at Rocksalt with my non-running friends, Mal, Joy, Kathy, Steve and Jim. They thought I was mad to run that far.