Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Had to do a CJ!

Ok so it wasn't quite a CJ as I now seem to be almost totally unscathed but I did have an awful fright. I was running in the dark with new batteries in my headlight when a cyclist approached in the opposite direction. To avoid her I decided to veer off the cycle path onto the rough grassed area next to the road. So far, so good, but unfortunately as I returned to the path I tripped on a stick and landed on my side, saving my fall with a bit of a somersault reaction. It was a freezing cold morning and I think the cold dulled the pain a bit but ouch, my hand hurt like crazy and I was a bit worried I may have done some damage. Although it stayed red for a long time it appears to be fine now. I was just a bit frustrated with the slow run. I almost didn't run this morning either as I went to bed with a sore throat and kept waking during the night either too hot or too cold. Perhaps I should have just stayed in bed!

Distance: 8.25km
Average pace per km: 5:52
Calories burned: 475


  1. You are just getting nervous, too late for any mishaps, take care. Have a good run on Sunday, see you out there(looking on from the side)

  2. You & CJ really are inseparable aren't you? ;-)

    Sorry to hear about your spill but I'm really pleased to hear that you are ok.

    Soooo looking forward to catching up with you this weekend! Shall we make it over coffee & chocolate? You & CJ will certainly deserve it!

  3. Unless there's blood and gore, it's not "a CJ"! Try again :)