Monday, April 30, 2007

Parliament House Monday

Early this morning I returned to the gym spending 15mins on the treadmill (boring) before doing some weights and abs exercises. I found it difficult as I have definitely been slack about my gym sessions lately!
After work I just made it to training to join the back of the pack for the two 1.7km warm-up loops of Parliament House before heading for the sloping grass in front of PH. There speedygeoff blew the whistle every two minutes. The main set was two minutes fast, two minutes jog six times. Murphy's Law was that I kept landing on the upwards hill for the sprint - ouch! It was quite a long tough session but good and it was followed by another warm-down loop of PH.

Total distance: 10.12km
Calories burned: 635

Disappointedly our plans for surprising Ewen with some birthday celebrations were thwarted when he disappeared before our warm-down loop. He started early and consequently finished early. I think the real reason he left early was to dash home to watch BB which started at 7pm. Then again maybe he suspected something! We'll catch you Ewen. You can't escape that easily!!


  1. I was curious to see if CJ's daughter would do her nana again.

    Was there a cake? Who blew out the candles? Did you eat it all? My escape plan is to miss training for the next 3 or 4 weeks. By then you would have forgotten how really, really old I am.

  2. Don't like CJ's daughter much, she can go and take Kate with her. TJ's from Darwin, must be cold getting to her.

  3. CJ's daughter didn't even get a mention tonight. Looks like CJ is too busy watching to blog.

    Emma and Bodie are the new baddies (not that I'm watching).

  4. you guys are sad! if you want to blow off running, do it for mythbusters.

    when you drive, do you always hit the red lights? you didn't sound very lucky.