Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Woeful Wednesday Waddle!

This morning the alarm woke me at 5.10am but it was 5.45am before I emerged into the brisk morning air with headlight and ipod attached. It was actually quite a still pleasant morning in spite of the lack of light. I had intended to run 10km but had to make a mad dash home to finish at the 9km mark instead as I was suffering intense tummy cramps. My run was decidedly slow - more like a plod when I look at my pace but I guess it's a few more kilometres in the bank or something! I just ran part of the Kaleen block then out on the cycle track (a little dark here) past Giralang towards the tunnel heading for Gungahlin then back home. I did have to avoid a couple of dogs which were off their leads and heading my way - a bit scary - but fortunately they listened to their owners and left me alone!

Distance: 9.07km
Time taken: 54:34mins
Average pace per km: 6.01
Calories burned: 540


  1. Thanks for inspiring me to run earlier, I have to as the sun is already burning at 7, you make it sound easier even starting at 5.45!

  2. Hi Ruth

    See you at the Canberra Half next weekend - not sure how my legs will like the run, but am in for a nice enjoyable run.


  3. did you show 'em your teeth. the strewth growl?

  4. Is it true that CJ has stopped blogging because she's spending all her spare time watching her daughter and Bodie?

    Quella velocità non plodding!

  5. Hi, once was "plodder", for desert tonite I had very chocolatey chocolate cake, with yoghurt & slices of kiwi fruit. YUMM-O! Ewen eat your heart out.