Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dickson Oval without Gandalf

I actually arrived on time for the warm-up loop tonight but I did forget to pack Gandalf so it was a bit weird running without him. However speedygeoff tells me the long warm-up loop is 1.8km so I can work out the approximate distance. We ran a shorter extra loop before starting the main set which was made up of 5 x (700m on 2mins) . We then ran another cool-down loop. There were a few less people tonight for some reason and some of the usual suspects were not there. However, I was happy cos Marg was there and as we run at almost the same speed it's good company. At the end of our main session speedygeoff explained to each of us the errors in our running style - constructive criticism I believe it's called. I need to concentrate on running on my toes.
Distance approximately 8km


  1. You should have said approximately 8.01km!

  2. you have to, like, totally train for 5 years before you're allowed to run en pointe.

    tell me when you all do that thing where you line up holding hands doing that ballerina-ing to the side. the dance of the cygnets (there was 30 minutes surfing to find that out)