Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mid Week Slow Run

Distance: 8.61km
Time taken: 52:29
Average pace per km: 6:05
Calories burned: 510

It was damp underfoot as I set out before 6am this morning. I had to be careful of the slippery autumn leaves. There was a slight drizzle to start although it stopped fairly early into the run. Actually, it was more of a plod than a run but the music was good. I wore my headlight and avoided a few dogs but on the whole, although slow, it was quite an enjoyable run with a surprising number of walkers and runners out there. I was more interested in just running a few kms than going for speed (obviously)!


  1. I think that's the pace Steve is aiming for at the GH80, so it can't be that slow!

    CJ's daughter has really lost the plot.

  2. I will be happy to take 6:05 at GH80. Go TJ, just go!