Sunday, May 06, 2007

Italy - Here we Come!

Saturday's Run
Distance: 20.61km

Time taken: 2:01
Average pace per km: 5:53
Calories burned: 1225

Next sunday is the Canberra Half Marathon and I needed to put a few more km in the bank. I also had to attend an Enjo Party (haven't been to one of these before!) at 10.30am which meant I had to run early to be back in time. Thus no sleep-in this morning as I set off at 7.15am in a singlet top and shorts. It felt a little chilly at first but didn't take me long to warm up and my music kept me going. I didn't run fast but I quite enjoyed the run and was surprised at how many people were out there walking their dogs or running in the opposite direction. There was a bit of a head wind at one stage which had an adverse affect on my already pretty average pace! I ran from home to Lake G, round the lake and then on past Giralang, through the tunnel on towards Gungahlin until reaching the 15km mark when I turned back towards Kaleen, along the cycle track and home.

Today, Sunday has been a gorgeous sunny autumn day - fantastic weather. We had a bit of a sleep-in this morning (luxury) after a late night babysitting and then visited the markets before CJ and Mr CJ came over for the afternoon so that we could talk all things Italian. Our trip is now only 5 weeks away and we had some organising to do. Thus after sitting on the deck in the sunshine eating too much and drinking too much coffee we pored over maps of Italy and gooed over gorgeous villas and bed and breakfasts on the web, making a few bookings and planning our itinerary. It was quite a productive afternoon and we finally feel as though we really are going and very soon, what's more! Woo hoo!


  1. i loved italy. i think you will, too. i don't think i could hit the euro continent without hitting italy. if you get a chance to visit the vatican city, make sure you stop by to get stamps. they have gorgeous stamps. or did. gold embossed. niiice! when i was in the sistine chapel, i saw dianne keaton.

    man... you're going to have so much fun AND YOU GET TO MEET THE FAMOUS BLACK KNIGHT!!


  2. TJ's mother is still alive!

    Pack light or you won't get your bags in the Alfa.