Monday, May 21, 2007

Better Late than Never!

I was five minutes late for speedygeoff's training at Parliament House tonight and everyone had already left so I set off in the opposite direction of our usual warm-up lap thinking I would meet them coming back. A whole loop - nobody, so I waited for a while then set off in the other direction and coming from down amongst the dark bushes I heard a faint whistle - aha - that sounds familiar. I ran down into the dimly lit pathways and finally came to a bunch of our runners coming towards me - yippee. They had already started their 10 x 40secs sprints but I joined them and managed to fit in quite a number - lost count so it must have been a few and I felt pretty hot and puffed by the end. We then ran the warm down loop back to PH and Maria, Helen, Adam and I decided to run one more warm-down loop as we had finished a wee bit earlier than usual to allow for a meeting. We had a great chat on this loop and it was very pleasant.

Total distance: 8km approx
Gandalf tells me his memory is almost full and I have to delete some entries so that way it may work quicker - I'll try that soon!

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  1. What? I missed a great chat! Any gossip? Possible heiresses?