Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brrrr - a crisp early morning run

Distance: 9km
Time taken: 53mins

It was difficult venturing into the dark cold air before 6am this morning. I wore gloves, leggings, a long sleeved top, a bright yellow sleeveless cycle windbreaker, headlamp and cap. Yes, I warmed up after a few km but I was never actually hot. It was 3deg so it will be much colder in a few weeks (when I am enjoying summer in Italy) and will no doubt be frosty in August when I will be back here still running in those early mornings - yeeek! At the 5km point my ipod decided to stop. Nothing I could do would make the music return so hopefully it's only the battery which is now charging. It was a very quiet 4km home - nothing but the sound of heavy breathing and fortunately it was my own!
I'm having trouble deleting the old records from Gandalf and as a consequence he is not working well at all. Poor thing has used up his memory - I know the feeling!!
Tomorrow I am a year older and I have to fly to Sydney to attend a meeting. At least it's a day out of the office and I'll be home in time for a late dinner. We will celebrate with a proper family dinner on Friday night instead. I really don't want to be a year older!! In my opinion after we reach a certain age we should start counting backwards instead!


  1. I started counting backwards when I turned thirty and I will pay for it next year when I get un-born. Yuck!

    No laughter?

    "We are not a mu-se-um" (Old Goodies joke that no-one laughed at then, either.)

  2. Actually on reflection "we are not a museum" may not have been a Goodies line, it may have been from the radio program "I'm sorry I'll read that again", which pre-dates The Goodies. But it was certainly Tim Brooke-Taylor who spoke the line, playing the role of Queen Victoria. As you say, we all need more memory after a while. I thought it was hilarious, all the more so because it was genuinely funny and others didn't get it.

  3. Have a lovely birthday. Soon you'll be able to enjoy some warm italian sunshine.. lucky you.

    In the meantime, wrap up warm.. it's even starting to get a bit cool in Sydney now.

  4. Happy Birthday and enjoy the belated celebrations.

  5. Happy Birthday Stewth!!!

    You should start counting backwards as look and seem (in a good way!) so much younger than your age.

  6. How come your text message said your birthday was a couple of days ago? Sono stupido o qualcosa?

    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Strewth! For whenever! Hope you saved me some cake :)

  7. I'm alive, Strewth, and back blogging after my sabbatical.

    Happy Birthday!! I would love to be as young as you!

  8. Happy birthday for today. Hope you had a great day & a lovely birthday dinner tomorrow night!

    Next time you are in Sydney, drop me an email so we can catch up for coffee!