Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Exciting New Toy and One Very Spoilt Gemini!

Thank you so much for all those lovely messages. My birthday is going on and on. We changed the date for the family dinner which is now tomorrow evening. On Thursday morning I met up with Mr B and CJ for brekkie (where CJ gave me a fantastic Italian recipe book) before Mr B took me to the airport. The family did come over on Thursday night after I returned from Sydney. My daughter baked me a cake and there were pressies galore. My 'speedycoach' had even paid a visit during the day to drop off a "sweet" surprise. When I arrived at work next morning (after a birthday breakfast with a couple of friends and more pressies) there was an enormous bunch of flowers from the staff and of course we had more cake in the afternoon.

Last night Mr B and I went to the movies to see "Paris je t'aime". It was a series of short stories - a mix of funny, sad and weird! We enjoyed it. Today another friend visited (more pressies) and this afternoon we sat with the CJs at a coffee bar and planned last minute details of our trip. The CJs leave in a week on Monday and we leave a week after that!

Tomorrow afternoon (after the vets' run in the morning) I'm going to yet another afternoon tea with two other friends. On Tuesday night No 1 daughter is taking Mr B and me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant to thank us for letting her stay so long while her apartment is being completed. All this food - I haven't a single hope of losing the extra kilos before I leave the country!

One of my friends has given me a yoghurt maker so I have yoghurt making happening right now. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I love yoghurt.

For my birthday Mr B gave me the very latest Garmin 305. He will inherit Gandalf of course! It's very exciting and now I will have to think up a name for my newest toy. This morning I went for my first run with him. It was a slow and painful run actually. The weather was stunning but my throat was very sore and I was very tired and slow. I do hope my Vets' run in the morning is considerably better.

Distance: 10.06km
Time taken: 1 hour (ho hum)!
Calories burned: 744

I have changed all the mile readings to km readings on my new Garmin and have been fiddling with it for ages. I still have to adjust a few more settings. It's very fancy! I am very spoilt indeed!


  1. You are spoilt! You should give the new toy an italian name - perhaps Giuseppe or Giulietta (youthful).

    With a bit of luck he/she will be able to navigate you successfully to where we are hiding at Parly House ;)

  2. Happy birthday! It's great to have a long running birthday festival :) I'm very jealous to hear about the new Garmin. I agree with Ewen, an Italian name it should be.

  3. I missed your birthday, Strewth! Sorry! So...Happy Birthday & yes I think you're spoilt & that's a very good thing! I know you'll love the Garmin whatever name you decide on.

  4. How about "Lamborgarminhi"?