Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No - to Cake!!

This morning was absolutely bitterly cold. I'm not much looking forward to running tomorrow morning. This morning I joined in a Bodypump class at the gym at 6.15am. I find some of those moves really tough. On the up-side my gym workouts do include breakfast and that does make a great start to the day. My day at work consisted of a meeting all morning, a lunch, conducting an interview and consuming a large piece of birthday cake for one of our office colleagues. As a result of all that time wasted (or was it "waisted") I needed to stay rather late to put the work load back in control. This is not a good month for eating the healthy stuff. There's far too many birthdays. Tomorrow we have an 18th in the office - more cake! And when it comes to the sweet stuff I'm just a girl who can't say no!!


  1. Don't blame yourself - it's beyond our control - I don't know of any girl who can say no to cake. I think we are just programmed that way. Well, that's what I tell myself :-)

  2. 57 years IS far too many birthdays!
    Three cheers tomorrow;
    Don't waist away;
    Hips Hips hooray.

  3. I thought you'd be like that, knowing your penchant for dessert.

    I'm a boy who can't say no. Lucky I'm not getting any birthday invitations.

    SarĂ  domani il vostro compleanno?!!!