Monday, April 23, 2007

Return to Parliament House

This evening I was on babysitting duties from 6.30pm so I decided to leave work early and go to speedygeoff's training group at 4.30pm instead of the usual 5.30pm start. Geoff and Ewen joined me and we ran about 6km down to the lake and back round the loops of Parliament House. It was lovely having such good company. The rest of the group arrived at about 5.30pm when we continued our run with a couple of warm-up loops in and out and roundabout Parliament House. It felt great. I had to leave before the main set began but I was happy to have run 10km and not to miss out completely. I did enjoy the company and the conversation!

Distance: 10km
Calories burned: 600
Time taken: 59mins


  1. What about the flasher who jumped out of the bushes?

    Yes, it was good company and conversation (except for Geoff's jokes). Sorry for the missed calls - I left my phone at home. Notice I didn't say 'forgot'. That's only something really old people do.

  2. Sounds like a great run with the perfect company.
    And the photo is great, you look so athletic!!!!