Monday, January 14, 2008

Gentle Runs Only

Since my last entry I have been to the gym doing Fitball and Abs Classes, upper body weights, a couple of cycles on mainly flat surfaces, a couple of swims, lots of physio exercises including another intensive physio session and on Saturday I ventured out to Stromlo Forest Park to attempt some gentle running with some of speedygeoff's group on the grass. I ran the warm-up of 2.5km with Ewen at a gentle pace then ran the 1km intervals at my own pace while the others did speed work. Rest assured "twofruits" - there was no speedwork for this little goose! Apart from the fact that I can't run fast the heat at the 9am start on Saturday was horrendous. I felt quite ill from the heat and I was only running at a very slow pace. I have no idea how people can run such incredibly fast intervals in that intense heat. Anyway I did end up with a total of almost 8km but it wasn't comfortable. The best part about the running was the company and the fantastic surface. It's certainly a lovely place to run but a bit of a trip to get there. I might manage to find the way quicker next time!!
Today - Monday
6.15am - Gym - Fitball
So many tricky abs exercises with the same relief coach we had last week. Oh boy, she really is tough but this week she suggested we let some air out of our fitballs and it made it much more possible to accomplish some of those strange contortionist exercises which we do!

4.30pm - Run from Parliament House
I left work early and joined the early starters for an interesting warm-up down to the lake and past the yacht club on to Yarralumla where we turned and Emma led us on an off-road route back. This was a great route and would have been even better if my hammie hadn't been causing me a lot of pain and slowed me down to almost a walking pace. In fact I did have to stop and walk a few times. Geoff ran back to the group start as did Emma eventually after ensuring I was ok but Ewen and his mate, Bruce from Sydney, jogged with me back to the oval where we thought we were training - nobody there, so on to the rose garden, nobody there so eventually (at 6pm) we found the 5.30pm group at the grassy hills in front of PH. The boys could still fit in 6 of the 12 speedy diagonal hill repeats but apart from a gentle jog I just did lots of stretching and called it a day.
Total distance: 10.5km (in pain!)
Question: Do I return to the physio or do I consult a sports doctor now? I can run about 3-4km pain free then it hits and it gradually builds up to be too painful to run.
At home I iced my hamstring and did still more stretches. Tomorrow morning I will go for a gentle swim in the pool.


  1. The sports doctor will get an MRI scan done to see what has happened. Sounds like a tear rather than a strain. I hope not. However, the news is not going to be good, a couple of months now and only manage 3-4 km sounds worse than it should be by now. Ease off any stretching as well, that won't help heal anything, time and rest may be the go. Good luck, and give the marathon a miss as well. " Advise from someone who hasn't been injured for a while, probably be a terrible patient.

  2. If it hasn't been improving, I'd suggest a visit to the sports doc Strewth. My fingers are crossed for you

  3. You'll need a bit of witch doctor magic to get you ready for the Canberra Marathon. Perhaps target Melbourne later in the year?

    Thanks for not mentioning it was my (bad) idea to try and find the group at the Rose Gardens first!