Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who said running was a cheap sport??

Thursday events
This morning early I went for a gentle run to test the pain level so I could describe it properly to the sports doctor!
Distance: 6.2km
Time taken: 39:35
Average pace per km: 6:24
Calories: 370
When I first started running I didn't think I would make it to the corner. However I persevered within my time limit as I was meeting CJ for brekkie at 7.30am in town. The pain worsened about the 3km mark but it was bearable and I think I may even have been able to run another 2km at that pace if time had permitted. Later however my leg felt quite uncomfortable and when I visited the sports doctor I could explain what was happening. Twelve minutes and $130 later I had a referral to Clinic 88 for deep massage therapy and a referral for an ultrasound ($580) followed by dry needle treatment ($15 a needle) if necessary. The theory is that it may be scar tissue and she does seem to think that it results from a torn hamstring. My appointment at Clinic 88 is next Thursday and if that provides good results I may be able to either delay or cancel the ultrasound. I have my fingers crossed! The dry needle treatment would be to break up the scar tissue if this is what the ultrasound indicates. I am allowed to run within my pain threshold, in other words, short distances off-road. I will continue to cycle and swim when possible. I may have to re-evaluate my goals but will see how the deep massage therapy helps before I say that a helper rather than a competitor may be the goer at the marathon this year - "sad face"!!
After work on Thursday I went to track to report for duty. I was given the eye-opening tasks of assisting at the pole vault and later the javelin for the rest of the evening. The age groups for the three competitors at the pole vault were M30, M70 and M85 - inspirational! The javelin throwers were an interesting group of people of both sexes and ages varying again from 30 to almost 85! It was good to finally meet the people belonging to the names appearing regularly in the Vetrunner magazine. Some dashed off to participate in other events inbetween their throws. My job was to ensure they did not step over the white line before or after their throws and to call their names and record their numbers and distances. I learnt a whole lot about their rules!!
Friday morning
Swim - 1.2km (a little further this time)
followed by 15 blissful minutes in the spa and a short time in the sauna.
Today, Saturday, the grandchildren have just left having spent the night here and the rain is coming down solidly. I can smell the rain, it's beautiful!


  1. Fingers crossed that the massage has the desired result!

  2. Well, it's cheaper than motorcycle racing :)

  3. It's cheap if you don't have to pay the doctor, then only the shoes, entry fees, travel add to the expense. Still better than paying out for pills and medicines and wasting your life sitting in the arm chair watching TV.