Sunday, January 06, 2008

No Improvement is Happening!!

Friday morning I went for another 1km swim before work and on Saturday I went for an 8km walk, deliberately not running for a couple of days and what's more I was a good little girl and did all the physio exercises. This morning I attempted another run. I managed a very slow, very painful 10.52km. From the 2km point on it hurt, yes indeed, it was definitely my hamstring (forget the back) and it hurt like crazy. I walked a bit on the hills and stretched but I ran (jogged really) 10.52km starting out with the intention of a 15km run. That didn't happen and I arrived home frustrated and disappointed. My appointment with the physio is on Tuesday at lunchtime. Let's hope he can perform miracles!! I have a marathon to run!

Distance: 10.52km
Time taken: 1:10 (that must be the slowest run in the universe!!)
Average pace per km: 6:47 (how embarrassing - practically walking in parts)
Calories burned: 620

I wasn't going to blog my time but I have decided I will after all. That way, I can watch the improvement (I HOPE)!!
In the late morning Mr B and I went to a premier of a movie at Dendy called Lust, Caution. It was in Chinese with sub-titles - a 2 1/2 hour very thought provoking movie - gripping and terrible in parts.


  1. Injured, forget the running. Bike ride easy just to get out for some exercise. Plenty of time to be ready for a marathon in April, IF you do it things now. Must get the hammy fixed first. Get injured in winter so you don't have to run in the cold.

  2. Hi Strewth = sorry to hear you've got an injury. Look after yourself.


  3. So sorry to hear that you are still having probs with it. My fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery

  4. This is not good!

    Ask him if it's a hamstring tear, rather than a strain. If so, it may need a number of weeks of no running :(

    Two fruits is right - you can still finish Canberra, even if you do no running at all in January. Get fixed!

  5. i want to see lust, caution for many reasons, but mostly (i admit) because i keep hearing about this.

  6. I hope it's nothing serious and your training can resume in earnest soon.

  7. The physio is our hope for you. Good luck. Run also for me!

  8. I hope you know what you are doing in this running world. A marathon to run in April, just back from a hamstring injury and running intervals on a Saturday morning. How about developing an aerobic base level of fitness before trying to go fast. Speed kills, applies to running as well as on the road.