Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waddling On! (or is that waffling on??)

Sunday Run
Distance: 8.5km
Time taken: 53:50
Average pace per km: 6.25
Calories burned: 500

Tuesday morning Run
Distance: 8.05km
Time taken: 51mins
Average pace per km: 6.21
Calories burned: 480

My car went in to have the airconditioning fixed yesterday morning and they decided they needed to keep it overnight. Thus, no transport, which meant unfortunately I didn't go to speedygeoff's training last night. I also couldn't go to the gym this morning but at least this meant I could go for a short gentle run from home. The hammie didn't hurt until the 5km mark this morning, that's a bit better. This gentle short running is manageable but I'm very much looking forward to Thursday's massage. I'm sure the pain will be worth it. I want to run further and faster!!


  1. It's gabbling on, isn't it? Or is that turkeys? Anyway, most of the speedygeese seem to have the gift of the gabble. You're running along next to them and you think: So many words from so little a person.

  2. you sacrificed spody for a/c? in canberra? isn't that the minnesota of australia?

    glad the hammie was better than your a/c.

    and you are up late, missy!

  3. Na, my sister lives in Minnesota, and she said it was -19C (-30 windchill) the other day. We rarely get more than -10C.

    Is 6.25 per km 6:25, or 6:15? Let me know when you get up to 16.3k :)