Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flash, crash and down came the rain!!

We had a fantastic weekend at the coast with lots of sunshine, surf, good company and far too much good food, wine and cocktails! However we did manage a 12km walk, a 10km run (average pace per km 6:15)and a 5km run (av pace per km 6:05)while we were away and lots of beautiful swims at the beach. Yesterday I was on duty at the cross country race at Stromlo and after it was over I ran a short couple of loops (4km) with Ewen, speedygeoff and Rachelle just because I love that surface and of course the company was lovely.
This morning I went to the gym and did a weights session followed by a 15mins abs class.
After work I ran from home at about 6.30pm and apart from a few niggles I felt great. In fact I felt as though I could have continued running except for a little glitch. On my return run there were sudden flashes of lightning, huge rumbles of thunder and the sky became very dark indeed. Just as the first raindrops fell I had to detour for a nature stop at the shopping centre. When I emerged the rain was falling heavily and there were huge puddles outside the door. I stood there for a while along with other drowned rats before I finally succombed and used my mobile to call Mr B to collect me - wuss! I know if I hadn't stopped I would have just continued on in spite of the rain but after stopping it's difficult to head right into it when it's pounding down. It wasn't a gentle fall by any means and the thunder was still rolling.
Distance: 10:33
Time taken: 1:02:45
Average pace per km: 6:04
Calories burned: 605
I was very happy with this run as it felt much more comfortable than it has for a long time. Perhaps next time I will try for 12km and gradually progress. At the moment I feel much more positive and will keep my fingers crossed. I have another appointment with Jimmy on Friday. Now on to my exercises!


  1. You are a wuss - that's the best conditions to run in if you ask me. Well, except for the lighting!

    I'm planning a visit to Canberra in early March & would love to catch up with you & CJ again. Will email you both!

  2. must have been the blue Niggle. he always gets you and comes out in the rain.

    ah momentum.


  3. I was a wuss too - stopped for 15 minutes at an underpass in the middle of my 8k run. No way was I getting a paragraph in the Canberra Times: "Runner Killed by Lightning"...

    I hope Jimmy is kind to the places you mentioned in that text message.