Thursday, January 24, 2008

Off to the Coast

Woo hoo - tomorrow I'm flexing off work and we're driving to the coast, one night in Batemans Bay and two nights in Narooma for a weekend birthday party - should be fun, fun, fun! here's hoping the sun is shining and the sea inviting. It's my first visit to the coast this summer and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I'm hanging out for the sea.
Today was my appointment with Clinic 88 and Jimmy. He's lovely and spent a full hour prodding and working on my leg and groin area. Yes, it hurt like crazy but it felt good afterwards. I have special exercises to do every night and another visit in a week. I will cancel (or at least postpone) my ultrasound appointment for a few weeks to see if this works. In the meantime I am allowed to run as long as I don't push further or faster this week so it looks like constant 10km running for a week. He still seems to think he can fix me in time to train for the marathon but I think it's just a little late to build up the long runs unfortunately. However, I won't say a definite "no" just yet. Now I'm off to do my exercises before bed. At least I've packed! Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friends! Have a safe and fun weekend.


  1. Glad to hear the massage went well (as well as a painful hour can go).

    Have a wonderful extra long weekend!

  2. Have some fush and chups for me.

    If Jimmy's lovely and good at prodding the groin area, I won't ask for his phone number.