Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Anti Taper!

Next weekend is the City to Surf in Sydney for which I am totally unprepared. Since returning from the States I have felt lethargic and although I have been back to the gym and running I feel sluggish and I have not yet lost the weight which I managed to gain while I was away. I find these days that it takes months to gain a good fitness level and only a few weeks to go right back to square one and even gaining a few kilos can make all the difference to my speed and how I run.
This year I will not expect any PB's in my races but I do hope for improvement when the warmer weather arrives and I can run comfortably again.

Yesterday I went to my RPM class and abs class at 6.15am before work. Our usual coach was back to take abs class but I think she must have been on a course as she came back with all sorts of new exercises and it was very challenging!

After work I ran from home at about 5.30pm. It was dark half an hour into the run and I ran with caution along the back paths.
Total distance: 8.05km
Time taken: 49:59
Average pace per km: 6:13
Calories burned: 475
I have very recently finished reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was very exciting and if possible more gripping than the movie. Part of it was a race to find a bottle of anti-matter before it destroyed the vatican. At the moment I am working on an anti-taper (referred to in speedygeoff's blog recently). I need to building up my distance and speed with the C2S and the Vets' Half Marathon on the horizon and very little time left to train!


  1. I've been following Speedygeoff's anti-taper plan too. We'll know who to blame if it doesn't work!

  2. Oh yes, regarding Sean's miles - he roughly runs for an hour on easy days, which for me is around 10k by time. He's a very fast runner, so an easy 9 miles (14.5k) only takes him an hour.

  3. or was it an anteater-tapir I was thinking of?