Monday, July 20, 2009

Strewth - I'm Slow!!

Tonight I returned to speedygeoff's training. I met up with Marg a little early and we ran a couple of km to warm up. What a misnomer - it was absolutely freezing! I could hardly move, it was really really cold and we were both struggling to run against the bitterly cold air. However, by the time we ran up the little hill back to the carpark we had warmed up ever so slightly! I still ran the training session in a long sleeved top, beanie and gloves however. We ran a warm-up lap of PH and then ran 20 hill repeats - what a way to start back at training - phew! Still I was happy to run every single repeat even though I was definitely at the back of the pack! It was great to see everybody again after more than five weeks.
Total distance: 9km
Calories burned: 460
Saturday 18 July
Today Marg and I decided to attempt a gentle longish run starting from my house. We ran to and round Lake Ginninderra and back via Giralang. It was great to have company but I couldn't believe how slowly we ran when I checked our time. Never mind, it was a start and we at least made the distance!
Total distance: 17km
Time taken: 1:57
Average pace: 6:52!!!!
Calories burned: 1030

1 comment:

  1. Speedygeoff's the one to whip you back into shape.

    It's not cold. Serves you right for swanning about in the summer heat of the U S of A for five weeks!

    LLs will leave you behind at that km pace!