Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need for Speed!

Our favourite running spot in New York - Central Park

6.15am - Body Balance - I find this class excellent for me as there is a lot of stretching and of course the balance and coordination is extremely useful for someone with a body as unflexible and uncoordinated as mine. There is also abs work included and the lovely little relaxation to finish.

In the afternoon I ventured out for a middle distance run. Although it was a sunny day it was still cold all day as the wind was cold. In sheltered spots there was some warmth in the sun but not much. I ran my usual lake from home route but did not feel wonderful. I had to stop half way for a nature stop and struggled a bit during the run.
Total distance: 16:45km
Time taken: 1:47:45
Calories burned: 975
Average pace per km: 6:33


  1. 16.45 km is NOT a middle distance run!

  2. In case you ask, it's a LONG distance run!