Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blewitts Forest Monthly Handicap

On a brisk Canberra winter's morning a large number of hardy veteran runners turned up ready to face those nasty hills for the July handicap run. Many started in long sleeves and beanies but soon warmed up on the many challenging hills. It was good to be back out there again and I ran (generous terminology) all the way. It was great to catch up with lots of running friends out there even when one certain mountain goat ran up behind me calling "I can see where those extra kilos are strewth" as he flew past up the hills. Hmmmm, what are friends for if not to say it how it is! Methinks there is definitely lots more work to do!
Distance: 7km
Time taken: 44:30
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 396
Handicap Group: 20
Place: 67th in the Thomas series (out of 88)
This is the first time I had run in an event using my new gandalf3 so was glad it seems to work okay. It's certainly more compact than gandalf2 but will take me a little time to adjust to using it.


  1. I think we need a trunk-view photo of the Mustang.

  2. Beaut to see you back safe and sound. You are not out of shape after being O/S, because round is a nice shape. Looked Ok from what I saw. Well done on getting thru the run on Sunday.