Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Importance of Hydration and Food Input!

It was really hot in the middle of the day yesterday when I ran in the weekly BBQ Stakes handicap run. I managed a 3km warm up run before the race and really felt the heat even running slowly.
Being the first Wed of the month we usually run in the opposite direction but this time we ran an out and back course. Now I was running with a good handicap near the front with not many people to follow and being me with no sense of direction whatsoever I managed to take a slight wrong turning on the way back giving six guys the opportunity to pass me and call out to let me know I was going the wrong way once I was at the bottom of a hill. Grrr, back up I ran to tail behind them and I came in at 18th. Before that little detour I was going quite well but that definitely upset my equilibrium.
Distance of run: 6km
Time taken: 36:32
Average pace per km: 6mins
Calories burned: 339
Total distance including warm up: 9km

The day started well with a delightful brekkie with CJ and Mr B followed by the delivery of our new bedroom suite. After all this excitement I headed off for a run at about 1.30pm not having yet eaten lunch. That was a big mistake as I felt quite ill during the course of the run. I ran from home and past the AIS and on to the city before I turned. I stopped at the 5km mark and Geoff B rode up on his bike. He rescued me by giving me a sip from his water bottle which contained a cordial and salt mixture - so refreshing at that stage. I was very hot and very dehydrated.
I included 1 x 4mins fast, 1 x 3mins fast, 1 x 2mins fast with 2mins slow jog between each set. I felt sick again on the way home and it was just a long slog. I was really glad to arrive home and drink lots of water - not the best way to train! Lunch input was pretty damn good too!
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 1:02
Average pace per km: 6:12
Calories burned: 560
Later in the afternoon I arrived home from a long walk with Teddy to find Mr B had been refilling our water bed in its nice new frame on the nice new carpet and hadn't realised it would fill so fast. He had walked away leaving it to fill and it had overflowed. Hmmmm, the new carpet is wet and the bed is being emptied to start again. We need to dry everything out before refilling it. I'm sure eventually we will move back into our own bedroom with our lovely new ensuite, repainted walls, washed curtains, new carpet and new bedroom suite. This just might delay things a few more days!


  1. I completely agree about rehydration. Take care!I always try to eat fruits and vegetables which help hydration. Moreover, I drink three cap of water before running.

    Have a nice Easter time

  2. If Andy had been leading, I bet he would have got lost too!