Monday, April 02, 2012

Speedygeese return to the hills!

After another gorgeous sunny afternoon the speedygeese session at Parliament House was a hilly one. We ran our usual warm up loop of Parliament House before heading for the rose garden. Here we ran a trial loop of the 700m course. It felt so hard - a run to the first short sharp hill and up and over it before running round the corner to the next hill which was twice as long but not quite as steep. I found the longer hill easier as you gained momentum as you ran further uphill whereas the shorter hill was too short to gain anything except breathlessness! Then round the corner and down the hill - a lovely finish each time. The first two loops were slow and tough work going up those hills but the next three times felt much easier and I was feeling quite strong for some strange reason. I didn't even come last!
With the main session over we just ran a warm down loop of PH. Because daylight saving has finished it was becoming quite dark by the time we finished!
Total distance: 8km

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  1. I'm glad I bailed out after the 8k warm-up run!