Saturday, April 07, 2012

One Week from Tomorrow!

On yet another stunning morning (sorry to be boring Ewen) I met up with speedygeoff, Miranda, Andrew (briefly) and Abby for a last longish run before the marathon next Sunday. I had trouble with my garmin and it took at least 500m before I could make it work as it kept blanking out. I'm having lots of trouble with it lately. Here's hoping it behaves on marathon day!
Andrew just ran with us for ten minutes as he had already run 6km and was heading off to his 6 year old's birthday party. I ran some time with Abby, some time behind everyone, some time with Geoff and most of the way back with Miranda. It was lovely to catch up with everybody. We decided to head out towards the war memorial and then to check out Reid Oval which is an option for winter training under lights. It seems like a lovely green spongy oval with lots of car parking available and lots of interesting looking spots, including hills, nearby for warm ups and a variety of training. It does look like a strong possibility if it is available when we want it.
We ran on around some of the streets of Campbell, including hills and at 8km headed back down to the lake and back to the ferry terminal. Here we spotted Liz who was just finishing her run. Miranda and Geoff ran a further 3km with me to make up the distance. I definitely felt sluggish and slow today - no excuses apart from lack of sleep and lots of weird dreams last night and an apparent bad reaction to the magnesium tablets which I started taking a few days ago. They seem to make me feel queasy which might explain the nausea during Thursday's run. I'm not taking anymore. I'll just take extra salt instead!
Total distance: 16km
Time taken: 1hr 48mins!
Average pace per km: 6:45
Calories burned: 860
The best part of the morning was definitely meeting up with CJ and Liz for coffee at Urban Foods after the run. Liz and I were both bemoaning our sluggish runs but hey, it will be all right on the day. As Liz so wisely said "a bad dress rehearsal usually means a good show on the day". We will soon know!


  1. You'll be fine, strewth! Just think....this time next week it'll all be over! Time then to get ready for the next one!!

  2. This time next week you can have a well deserved nana nap ;-) 6 days 16 hours to go!

    Sorry I missed coffee with the beautiful girls. How did the Griffin singlets turn out?

    1. Griffin singlets?? Not yet Ewen, not yet!! They're still making them! The beautiful girls missed you on Sat and so did I:)