Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching up with the week

The grandchildren have been staying with us since Sat as well as a few days last week during the school holidays. I have therefore been working my running around Mr B's activities. On Sunday I took Teddy with me for my run from home. Of course he loved it and it was lots of fun. We ran partly on the oval where he could run lead free but mainly on the cycle track apart from a detour to the drain for a drink and splash in the water (for Teddy that is).
Total distance:  8.2km
Time taken: 51:33
Average pace per km: 6:18

As speedygeese training has changed from Mons to Tues, I went for the same run as the day before only this time Teddy went out with Mr B and the grandchildren so I took the opportunity to run on my own. It didn't actually make much difference to my pace but I didn't have to stop at every tree!
Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 48mins
Average pace per km: 6mins

This afternoon I collected Yelena and we joined the speedygeese for training at Dickson Oval. We arrived about 20mins early so had time to run a few laps of the oval before the session started at 5.30pm. We spotted Miranda towards the end and she joined us for a lap as did Susan soon after that. It was a good opportunity to chat before the main session began. When everyone arrived we all ran a couple more laps of the oval followed by 4 x 1.1km fast (2.5laps of the oval in lane number 4) on ten minutes which gave us a little recovery time when we jogged before the next sprint. It was hard but as speedygeese called out our times I noticed that my last 1.1km was my fastest. That was a relief as my hamstring was hurting all through the session. At the end of the session I ran just a little further with speedygeoff to make an even distance!
Total distance for night: 12km

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  1. Check Bob's blog re exercises he's been doing for his hammy, plus a 'massage cushion' he's been using. http://bobs-training.blogspot.com.au/