Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Gaggle of Geese for a longer run!

Saturday speedygeese near Molonglo
Hi Ewen - saying "cheese"

Canberra Marathon Day

Am I flying? I don't think so!

Running with Cathy M

Yesterday I had a massage and it was wonderful. The massage therapist managed to find lots of tender spots and even massaged my shoulders and back which was so good.
This morning I felt very ready for a run and drove to the ferry terminal to meet up with quite a big gaggle of geese for a Saturday. We ran out for 5km, turned and ran back before those who were running for longer continued. I ran an extra 2km but felt that was quite enough for breaking myself in gently after last weekend. The first 10km felt great but I did struggle over the last couple and it did ruin my average pace but never mind, gently does it!
It was a perfect morning for a run - no wind and gentle sun. The company was good and I usually found I had someone to talk to. On the return 5km I ran with Justine who was new to speedygeese on Thursday night. She has 8 children from 2-12 and has her own business. She is an amazing young lady and very interesting to talk to. I also spent some time running and talking to Abby and to Thach, both lovely and good company.
After the run Jen, Ewen and I headed for Urban Foods for coffee and a snack. We were disappointed in the coffee today. It's always overpriced but I don't mind that if the coffee is good. Today it wasn't, so on the way back to the cars we stopped off at another cafe nearby and had an excellent coffee as compensation. Hmmm, two coffees in a morning is not quite what I usually do! At least we will know where to go next time however!
Total distance: 12.5km
Time taken: 1:21
Average pace per km: 6:29
Calories burned: 700


  1. How can you drink two coffees after the run? Nice photos of you while you were running the Canberra Marathon!

  2. You'll be able to brag to Geoff that you are going to reduce your coffee intake to JUST one after a run ;-)

  3. Yes, you were flying! Great pics.